Meet The Automotive Data Specialists

Our management has collectively spent over 100 years selling, buying, and trading cars!

The automotive industry has grown and developed various technologies, but trade-in appraisal solutions have failed to advance and meet modern customer demands.

In order to meet our own needs and solve this issue, EvalExpert was born.


The Story of AlgoDriven

2017 EvalExpert Launches

EvalExpert was developed by us to help car dealers be more efficient and trade-in more cars.

2018 Touchdown In MENA

AlgoDriven expanded into the MENA region, driving dealership technological innovation.

2019 Hello, New Zealand!

Car dealerships across New Zealand adopt EvalExpert for trade-in pricing & management.

2020 New Technology

New dealership and enterprise level tools for drive management and financial analytics.


Help Us Advance The Automotive Industry

AlgoDriven is home to engineers, data scientists, and automotive experts. We believe in progressing the automotive industry with data driven solutions.


The mission to build AlgoDriven

From proprietary auto-data and market insights to advanced mobile, desktop, and cloud-based app solutions – AlgoDriven solutions were built from the ground up to optimise dealership processes and create a better retail experience for customers on the hunt for a fresh pair of wheels.

Our joint experience including roles as a dealer principal, car salesman, second-hand car purchasing and more, means that we understand the ins and outs of dealership success. We’ve taken those lessons from our experiences and designed a global solution to fit the needs of growing dealerships.


Our Managment Team

Jaron Crossland

AlgoDriven Co-Founder

Glenn Harwood

AlgoDriven Co-Founder